from concept to completion

ClearView Composite Wall System

ClearView Composite Wall System TM is a patented technique for building multi-story concrete tilt wall structures that eliminates the need for using traditional, defined “punched” windows.  Instead, ClearView allows the use of spandrel or banded glass to be incorporated into the design, thus providing virtually unobstructed views and stunning exteriors at a similar cost.

ClearView was developed by Metropolitan’s president and co-founder, Steve Schuetze, and Davy Beicker of Beicker Martinez Engineering.

"One of the reasons for the success of this project (Killam Office Building) was the use of ClearView Composite Wall SystemTM. This innovative system created a positive working relationship between the design team and contractor in anticipation of the finished building. In our opinion, for the first time, the contractor had as much to do with the aesthetics of the final building as did the architect and other design team members." Gene Dawson, Jr., P.E., Pape Dawson Engineers, Inc